Terroir du languedoc

Our vines are planted on exceptional terroir with a wide variety of soil types. They are deep soils with excellent drainage. They are also characterised by clay sub soils (10-15m deep) which trap the water, maintaining coolness and humidity. Working the soil encourages roots to grow deeply so that the vines can draw from these reserves. This stimulates a slow and harmonious maturing process for the grapes.

The expression of our terroirs

Sol basaltique

Formed from ancient solidified lava flows, these terroirs are specific to the Pezenas area, unique in Languedoc and very rare in the rest of the world. They yield wines with spice and liquorice flavours with a good tannic structure which can be found in our wine "Les Terres Noires".


sol+btlAC1-01These white soils (limestone marl) give the Syrah grape a bouquet of red fruits and flowers which can be found in our wine "Les Pierres Blanches".



These soils, a mix of smooth river pebbles and red clay, produce high quality wines. They can also be found in Châteauneuf du Pape. They bring elegance and structure to the wines as well as a good acidity which helps the ageing process. With Syrah grapes, they give aromas of chocolate and coffee which can be found in our wine "Les Galets Dorés".


A favourable Mediterranean climate

soleil_dans_vigneAt only 30km from the Mediterranean sea, the Domaine de Nizas benefits from the favourable Mediterranean climate.

  • Rainfall is low and concentrated during the Autumn and Winter periods
  • The summer months are hot and dry.
  • The Tramontane (an inland wind blowing from the north-west) has a beneficial impact on the harvest, drying the atmosphere and encouraging optimal ripening.